Simplicity: Meditation Book

Simplicity: Meditation Book

November 1, 2013

Simplicity is a printed and electronic publication to serve as a guide for meditation and prayer. Each letter stirs contemplation on a corresponding topic beginning with that letter. Along with the topic for each letter, a person of wisdom (their name corresponding to the letter) is featured along with a quote. A strong reference to spirituality weaves the book together. My project proposal is summarized below:

Considering Digital Media’s broad scope, I want to do a senior project that allows me to use various skills and programs. The choice to do an epub allows me to mesh graphic design with video, sound clips, and writing. It is uniquely designed using new media (Adobe creative programs, digital audio workspaces) and for new media (iPads, cell phones, e-readers, and so on). Assigning each topic to a letter provides order, structure, and simplification.

The main visual metaphor that I want to convey is “scenes from the past.” Take a moment to talk to anyone’s grandparents and it will come as an undisputed fact that earlier generations existed more simply. I want to create a visual landscape that acts as a time machine and transports the reader back to the good old days. To do this, I will use found images and video from my grandmother. It has been a goal of mine to preserve these memories and tap into this great source of intimate, copyright-free resources.

My college journey has been anything but simple. Beginning at Juniata College as a pre-genetic counseling major, I ended up at Messiah College as a Digital Media major. Along the way, I transferred schools, changed my major seven times, and took a medical leave. Through all of this, I have relied heavily upon the idea of simplicity in order to stay focused. I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed; my generation faces a constant influx of technology, social issues, political controversy, and changing ideals. I think it is more important than ever to separate ourselves from distraction and focus on the things that really matter. Using an epub as a platform for a meditation on simplicity is especially important because it allows simplicity and technology to co-exist. I often fight the urge to use technology in my quest for a simple life but am drawn back by its creative capacities. This project will allow me to reconcile the conflict.

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Professor Kathy T. Hettinga
Senior Seminar & Project
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