Design as Service

Design as Service

December 15, 2013

This collaborative project aimed to create a visual identity for Design as Service, a non-profit design program developed by Kathy T. Hettinga, Distinguished Professor of Art and Design. The purpose of the site is to gather and showcase various design work, give information about the mission and history of the program, and give clients the opportunity to systematically request design work from Design as Service students. The final result of the project is a logo, 24-page booklet, four informative videos, and a comprehensive website.

Every non-profit organization is vitally interested in communication, and words alone will not do the job. Dynamic images and graphic design inspires mere onlookers to decide to become involved. But these kinds of services are not cheap and most non-profits cannot afford professional graphic design services. Design as Service solves that problem for you.
– Design as Service: About

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